April 20, 2015

Medical Billing

What Do We Offer?

In medical billing and revenue cycle management, we offer our clients with quick cash flows, reduced cost, reduced denied and rejected claims and also help the clients increase their patient base as they can give more time and care to their customers. In our Revenue Cycle Management Program, we offer a full practice revenue cycle management to our clients. Our process cycle operates in the following steps:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Demographics and Charges Entry
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Secondary or Tertiary Insurance Submission
  • Denial Analysis
  • Insurance Follow-up (A/R or accounts receivables)
  • Monthly, quarterly, bi annual and annual reports
  • Provider Enrollment (may incur extra charges)
  • Patient Billing (may incur extra charges)

We handle billing for all types of specialties apart from Dental, Vision and Pharmacy. These have separate processes of billing which require certain certified professionals to perform the required tasks.

Medical Billing Process

Full HIPAA Compliance

Our specialized team is fully trained in all the legal aspects of medical billing. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training is given special attention and our team has been trained by different legal teams in different companies during their tenure in this industry to ensure full and strict compliance.

What is guaranteed Aging Resolution?

We offer a special program called Guaranteed Aging Resolution to our clients who only require our services for account receivable management. In this offer, we guarantee:

  • to reduce the average A/R days to less than 45 days
  • to reduce the A/R over 90 days to less than 5% of the total A/R
  • to increase collections to next level.

Our Business Proposal

Our staff has handled a number of small level clients and many large level clients as well in terms of revenues. For instance, we have managed the billing and A/R for following clients at the backend under different companies: