Social Enterprise: It’s About a Lot More Than Technology

shutterstock_57181246.jpg You’ve gone through the vetting process. You’ve established clear goals and benchmarks for what you want the social tools to do. You’ve held training sessions, identified early adopters, everything is in place. But then comes the crucial question: what comes next?

This week our experts looked into what it takes to be a social business beyond the technology, exploring the fundamental cultural changes that need to take place before your business becomes truly social. We also heard some different methods being used to capture audiences, identified drivers in choosing cloud solutions and pondered the future of risk management.

What Comes Next?

Managing the Transition to Social Business

Harold Jarche (@hjarche): What’s working in social business in 2012? Technology sales, marketing campaigns and the speakers circuits are doing well. Implementation and organizational change are lagging far behind.

Like the knowledge management and e-learning hype phases of the 90′s and ’00′s respectively, social business is being led by software vendors. Some are even the same vendors that MIT’s Peter Senge said co-opted the field of knowledge management. I watched as e-learning moved from hope for ubiquitous learning, to the overproduction of self-paced online courses, also known as “shovelware.”

Want to Be a Social Business? The 9 Boxes You Need to Check

Deb Lavoy (@deb_lavoy): If you are reading this, then you have probably been thinking about and working toward incorporating social technologies and philosophies into your business (or other people’s) for a couple of years. There is endless material on the topic available for your reading and viewing pleasure.

It can be complicated. It can be overwhelming. But it can also be fairly straightforward if you think about it from the right perspective. This is a list designed to help get that straightforward perspective — to take stock before diving deep into the details.

Enterprise 2.0 in 2012: Asking the Right Questions

Barry Schaeffer: What’s working today in Enterprise 2.0? I knew this article would be a challenge, but I was unprepared for the challenge inherent in just getting the terms right. To begin with, what is Enterprise 2.0?

MIT’s Andrew McAfee coined the term in 2006, describing it as “the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers.”

That definition describes a process — “use of” — but doesn’t help much with what a successful end result might be.

Social Platforms Create Socially Enabled Applications

Tom Petrocelli (@tompetrocelli): You’ve Got a Friend in Me” — Randy Newman, Toy Story

Just a little while ago, the main way to add social features to an application was to build them by hand. That required coding the microblogging, activity streams and file sharing features. The only other option was to embed a link to an existing standalone social tool, but that method eliminated any real connection between the social tools and the application.

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