The Evolution of Web Experience in the Midst of SharePoint 2013 Hullabaloo

shutterstock_64706455.jpg Though it felt as if the week began and ended with Microsoft, those of us who weren’t playing with the shiny new Office and SharePoint toys had a lot of reading to keep us busy.

We read how content marketing is a natural evolution in web engagement, got tips on how to create content and marketing projects fast and on the cheap, and learned how the semantic web might just change enterprise information management.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of SharePoint 2013 goodies mixed in as well.

The Evolution of Web Experience

Content Marketing: Web Engagement, Evolved

Thomas Robbins (@trobbins): Today’s business climate expects an organization to accomplish more online that ever before, while controlling costs and driving revenue. At the same time our website visitors demand a rich, immersive and personalized experience with relevant and compelling content. How can we build a content marketing strategy to solve this?

Five Super Fast, Super Cheap Content Marketing Projects

Liz Maritz (@unidev): In a very traditional sense content marketing is a bit of a time and money investment, at least in its early days. Custom magazines, glossy print publications, flash-heavy email newsletters, expensive websites, fancy microsites, 27-page whitepapers, highly produced webcasts and podcasts — the list goes on. Recently, small businesses and start-ups have championed short-hand content marketing and it’s making a bit of a buzz.

7 Ways to Reverse Engineer Great Content

AJ Kumar (@ajkumar): There’s no arguing with the fact that content marketing holds a tremendous amount of potential in terms of its ability to improve the customer experience on your website and drive targeted traffic in a cost-effective way.

Unfortunately, just because a strategy has potential doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do — as anyone who’s ever tried (and failed) to launch viral-style content before can attest to!

Planning Your Channel Content Marketing

Robert McCarthy (@robmmcarthy): Content marketing is the promotion of content with a view of bringing your audience to your website, branded microsite or social media landing page and converting them to perform an action. This is also known as inbound marketing. The process of content marketing across multiple channels needs to be carefully managed for successful results and positive conversion outcomes.

Christmas in July: Optimizing Your Website for the Holiday Rush

Mark Simpson (@markj_simpson):Summertime is here, the temperature is steadily rising and most people are lounging on the beach, not at all thinking about the holiday season … which is precisely why it’s a good time for e-tailers to get prepared.

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