Userlytics Launches ‘Freemium’ User Experience Testing Service

Userlytics Launches ‘Freemium’ CRM ServiceUserlytics, a provider of customer experience feedback testing technology, is launching a free subscription customer experience plan. Users of the Freemium Customer Experience, Usability & User Experience Platform will receive a set number of free monthly insights from prospects and customers.

Getting in Your Customer’s Head

Userlytics is a user experience platform that enables you to track and report on activities a user performs while visiting your website, interacting with your advertisements or social media accounts. If you want to know what your customers are doing and thinking before you make decisions, this platform has the services to help. But it’s typically not been free.

Freemium Customer Experience users will be able to conduct up to seven free online customer feedback sessions per month. They will also have the option of adding additional sessions at a cost of US$ 1.56 per respondent under the Silver Plan or US$ 0.99 per respondent under the Gold Plan. Depending upon the type of plan or product chosen, Userlytics allows for iterative testing of websites, desktop & enterprise software, advertisements and videos, tablet and smartphone apps, low and high fidelity prototypes, concept sketches, and wireframes. The platform also allows users to record and analyze customer interactions with their online and digital content.

Voice of the Customer Grows in Importance

Userlytics is trying to bring in new users of its customer feedback platform as top executives are increasingly recognizing the value of customer feedback for better decision making. As reported by CMSWire, in a recent global survey of CIOs by Gartner’s Executive Programs, CRM moved up from the 18th most important technology to No. 8. In addition to this, according to Gartner’s 2012 CEO Survey, CEO’s are citing CRM as the most important area of investment they will be making in IT over the next five years to improve business performance.

Gartner research also shows that CRM executives — at least successful ones — have to take “social” technology a lot more seriously than they have been doing in the past. The research shows that, by 2014, enterprises that refuse to embrace social media will do as much damage to themselves as companies today do when they ignore emails and phone calls. So by offering social features such as online customer forums and customer interaction analysis, Userlytics is attempting to stay ahead of a steep CRM technology curve.

Freemium v. Paid

Today’s startups, and even more established companies, are challenging the traditional approach of making technology users trust in a vendor before buying a solution by trying it with freemium models that allow consumers to test adoption and success before purchase. A March 2011 CMSWire article on the freemium subject still provides a good overview of why companies like Userlytics decided to give a “free sample” of their product away.

The move toward freemium solutions from smaller companies is the result of the growing interest in social media and Internet usage. Most customers, regardless of business type, now interact with vendors via the Web: Facebook; Twitter; email. Many companies offer a freemium model, meaning the base service is free, but premiums for added services, capacity or convenience come at a cost.

A freemium model is often the most logical model for startup technologies (such as Userlytics) because of their two types of audiences: one with a large budget and no time, and another that is blocked by technology, doesn’t have a budget at all and wants to solve their problems quickly.

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