Newscoop Web CMS for Journalists Updates Community, Commenting Features

screenshot-newscooplogo-2012.jpgSourcefabric, makers of the open source Newscoop CMS designed expressly for working journalists, has released version 4.02, so here’s what to expect. 

While the news industry continues to be disrupted nearly beyond recognition, people who labor under the 24-hour news cycle still need the right tools to help them reach their audience. Newscoop targets these storytellers with features like easy image editing, dynamic maps and simple drag and drop content structuring on the main page. 

Newscoop’s Community, Comments

Newscoop has updated some of its core features like the commenting system, media archive, community management tools and added two new CSS themes. Because the system is built on making news more interactive, the new comments section and community management tools are quite handy.

Comments are not approved by default, and services like Disqus can be plugged right in. For citizen journalists who follow the stories and want to contribute regularly, a profile can be set up for easy commenting and following topics. 

Large images are good for cropping into scenes that can be reused in different places.

While no Web CMS can be a full featured photo editor, the Newscoop system at least makes it easy to crop images for reuse in different sections. For example, on one page part of an image may be used as a close-up shot of a subject. In another section, that same image may be used as part of a wide shot to give some background. The Newscoop Intelligent Images tool can make photos into thumbnails and can be used on archived images or new photos.

Like many other CMS makers, Newscoop makes it easy to resize content for different sized screens with adaptive CSS themes. 

Newscoop Free or Not Free

Newscoop comes as a free download or as a Pro account for multiple authors and monthly hosting. For a small organization with just a couple of staff, the Pro version is a EUR $100 per month hosting package. For large operations with closer to 50 staff, Newscoop can put together an entire package of design, implementation, migration and feature development for EUR $100,000.

Newscoop can even integrate digital workflows with popular print design tools for news organizations with print operations. Below is a short overview video from Newscoop. Let us know what news websites you visit and if you think any of them need a comment section overhaul.

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