Q2-3 Planning: Key CXM, EIM, E2.0 Events for Your Calendar (29-May-12)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we’ve missed something, don’t hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can view the full calendar here.)

May Events

May 30 (Manchester): TFM&A and eCommerce Expo Manchester 2012

TFM&A Manchester offers all the latest industry developments, expert insight, leading suppliers, and hottest products as well as a forum for you to hear about what has and hasn’t worked for your industry peers and other businesses. Covering Digital, Direct, CRM and Data, the event can deliver you everything you need for a successful marketing campaign, from top suppliers to expert insight and education. eCommerce Expo Manchester is the event for anyone who’s involved with digital marketing or ecommerce. The show provides the opportunity to meet and mingle with industry providers and leaders.

May 30 (Online): (Webinar) How to Drive Innovation, Productivity with a Social Intranet

 Join us for this interactive webcast on May 30th! The event will be hosted by Jive’s Tim Zonca, our panel will discuss both high-level market trends, and proven social intranet tactics from the trenches. Dion Hinchcliffe of the Dachis Group will discuss at a high level, the latest industry research and trends on how leading companies are revamping dusty, soul-sucking intranets, and giving employees a social, collaborative, engaging experience that drives productivity, fosters innovation, and yields staggering results.

May 30 – 31 (London): Enterprise Search Europe 2012

Enterprise Search Europe is a unique conference offering a European perspective on the technology, selection, implementation and optimisation of enterprise-scale search applications.

May 31 – June 1 (Amsterdam): Advanced Intranets & Portals Conference Amsterdam 2012

Our 3rd annual intranet conference, Advanced Intranets & Portals 2012, is designed to give you exclusive insights and access to the world’s leading intranet practitioners, who will be sharing their experience and knowledge, allowing you to benchmark and brainstorm on the key trends of 2012. From social intranets & the rise of mobile, to personalisation, idea generation & knowledge management, all of the main issues affecting intranet professionals will be discussed during the intensive and interactive 2 day conference.

May 31 – June 2 (Ohio): Midwest UX Ohio 2012

The Midwest UX Conference is a unique three-day event that combines inspiring talks with hands-on activities presented by a mix of regional professionals and international experts.

May 31 – June 2 (Texas): Big Design Texas 2012

The Big Design Conference is three intense days of learning within the scope of Strategy, User Experience, and Code Development. Experts from across the country will gather to present theories, research, experiences, and best practices to students, professionals, and executives looking to stay on the bleeding edge.

June Events

June 1 (Vancouver): Drupal Business Summit Vancouver 2012

The Vancouver Drupal Business Summit is a one-day event offering business leaders and managers insight into Drupal’s capabilities as a versatile, business solutions framework. Drupal is one of the Internet’s most widely used open source content management systems. It has evolved into a platform that can support highly complex websites and applications. Whether you’re exploring specific Drupal capabilities or you’re curious if Drupal is the right solution for your next project, this Summit will give you everything you need to know about Drupal.

June 1 (Denver): Windows 8 Developer Camp Denver 2012

Windows 8 changes everything. Combining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a reimagined user experience, support for new chipsets, and a built-in Store with industry-leading business terms — Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity, ever. Join us for this full-day event designed to share all the knowledge you need to start building Metro-style applications for Windows 8 – today. We’ll begin by showing you how to use Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive and beautiful Metro-style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++. Your existing investments in these languages carry forward, making Windows a no-compromise platform for developers.

June 1 – 2 (Buckinghamshire): Over The Air UK 2012

The 5th annual Over the Air will be held on Friday & Saturday, the 1st & 2nd of June at Bletchley Park – for two days over 600 mobile developers & designers will be based at Station X, hacking in the shadows of the WWII Enigma & Lorenz code-breakers, and hanging out at the home of Colossus the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer … we’re planning on launching the Alan Turing Centenary Year celebrations in style! Over the Air is an event that defies easy description. It’s a celebration of creativity. It’s a festival of all things mobile. It’s a place where attendees can learn about technologies, trends and techniques. It’s a sleep-over. It’s a two day party. It’s an event where practitioners of creative and technical disciplines can come together to learn from each other.

June 1 – 3 (Amsterdam): EuRuKo Amsterdam 2012

EuRuKo is an annual conference about the Ruby language with an informal atmosphere and lots of opportunities to listen, to talk, to hack and to have fun. We have an amazing venue for this years event. The Tusinski Theatre is not only a beautiful theatre rich in history, but it is in the heart of Amsterdam. The theatre spans three levels, although we will only be using two of them, which allows us to increase the number of tickets this year to 550 (including sponsors and volunteers).

June 2 (Charlotte): Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke

The Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke is a gathering hosted by the Charlotte DotNetNuke User’s Group. This event is a celebration of the close-knit community of individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs who have a common interest in DotNetNuke, a Web Content Management System (WCMS). The event will highlight the imminent release of DotNetNuke version 6.2. This conference provides web designers and developers an opportunity to learn, engage, and connect. This event consists of a day full of sessions and presentations from DotNetNuke Core Team Members, Community Members, and Microsoft MVPs.

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