This Week: Facebook’s IPO Makes 1000 Millionaires + The Future of the Social Intranet

There’s been nothing more talked about this week than the Facebook IPO. Not just because a lot of people are going to make a lot of money — well OK, maybe that’s exactly why everyone is so jazzed up. It’s been reported that more than 1000 millionaires were created yesterday.

The FB stock closed at a mediocre US$ 38.23 with a market cap of US$ 104.82 billion — roughly 50% of Google’s market value. A vigorous first day on the market saw 580 million shares trade hands but not much of the spike that many expected.

But we see more here. The IPO signifies notable things for big data and acts as a health signal for the social business space overall.

Beyond the Facebook IPO chatter, we’ve been looking at changes taking place within the social enterprise:

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